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Are You Just Shooting Darts and Seeing What Sticks?

I get calls from job seekers who say, “I don’t know what I want to do but I know it’s not what I’m doing now.” That is a great starting point to discover what you need to be satisfied in a position. What are you are NOT getting from your current role that can lead you to what you need to be satisfied? Think about what you enjoy from what you’ve done rather than everything you CAN do. When a job seeker just focuses on what they can do and not what they enjoy doing, you run the risk of getting in another role that does not fit who you are. I think of it as just shooting darts and seeing what sticks?

Studies have shown that employees are much more successful if they enjoy what they do. What is your expertise that you enjoy using, want to do more of, and is marketable out there?

Think about your transferable skills that you want to take to your next position. You may need to think beyond your previous narrow specific job role to get to the transferable skills. Do you enjoy managing / leading others, mentoring / training, leading projects, analyzing data, solving problems, thinking creatively, interacting with co-workers / customers, helping others? Consider the titles that will most likely allow you to use those skills, industries that interest you, size of companies that will most likely fit you. Take control of your job search! You are not at the mercy of employers, especially in today’s job market. I see too many people who continue working in a job that pulls them down rather than energizes them. Staying in a job that doesn’t fit you often bleeds your personal life. It is possible to get excited about what you do for work. That is how it can be for you!


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