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How To Find A Career Coach That's Right for you?

It can be a daunting and confusing experience to choose a career coach who will support you best in the job search process. It essentially comes down to 2 elements, their expertise in the field and fit for you. You want one who has a strong background in the career development field but also one that you connect well with.

I talk to many individuals who have used a “resume expert” to update their resume that at first glance looks great. These resume experts only do resumes, not supporting them in discovering their career direction, not other necessary marketing tools, not their job search, and not interview prep. A recent client showed me his resume that he had a so-called, “resume expert” create. There were two statements on his resume that I asked him, “What does this mean?” To both, his response was, “I don’t know, she wrote it”. I feel it is impossible to pass your resume to a stranger to write it independent of you. Your resume needs to reflect who you are and what of your background you want to market to your audience to best promote whatever your professional brand is.

I strongly encourage potential clients to meet with me in person to see if I will be able to meet their expectations and if there is a fit. This informational meeting is the time to discuss their career development needs, my background/expertise and how I can support them in the process.

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