Search Strategies

Now that you have that resume what do you do with it?


The average person will send their resume out to many job seeker websites and wait for the HR Dept to respond.  In reality, they get the emails back saying, "we have found someone who more closely meets our qualifications."


Did you know that 80 to 90 % of jobs, depending on your field and position, are found through networking, who you know?


I will coach you to effectively use your contacts and develop new ones to source companies and job leads.  If you are networking but your network is not growing then you may be doing something wrong.  


I will support you to network and market yourself most effectively.


I endorse Nancy Fraasch as a career coach because she provides all the right tools needed to network with people and successful strategies that steer you to the new career opportunity that is best for you.  Moreover, Nancy goes the extra mile to ensure that your resume/cover letter reflect who you are, as well as coaching on winning strategies for the dreaded interview process.  I give two thumbs up for Nancy Fraasch!


Bob K.
Project Manager at non-profit organization